Gi7b bias voltage

E valve was used extensively by Fender all throughout the 70’s and 80’s under their own Fender brand and were the 12AX7 that was standard in all those silver face Fender amplifiers. Not recommended for super high gain guitar amplifiers unless used in as a phase inverter or positions where microphonics are not as critical. Today, it is by far the most common preamp tube used for electric guitar amplification and there is an almost overwhelming supply of current production options to choose from. How many times have you purchased what you read advertised as a balanced and matched-triode tube off the internet and have received mismatched or marginal tubes? Well, get rid of those! These are all NOS tubes in original boxes. This top-quality tube is meant for high-end products and features copper posts and three mica squares. Reasonable prices on Audio Radio Valve Vacuum! Shop a curated assortment of Audio Radio Valve Vacuum available for purchase today. The plate voltage is much higher on these bad boys and will handle pretty much everything thrown at them as they will operate well withing their designed specs.

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Amplitrex at reviews. I think since most of the uses today are for audio amp the Amplitrex AT will give a Passable test. What physical sizes of tubes will the AT test? The AT accommodates 7 and 9-pin miniature tubes, standard octal tubes, and 4, 5 and 6-pin small base tubes with a filament voltage between 1.

Details about NOS/NIB Matched Pair Amperex ECC88/6DJ8 PQ Tubes Holland Same Date Code. NOS/NIB Matched Pair Amperex ECC88/6DJ8 PQ Tubes.

Tubes Asylum Questions about tubes and gear that glows. This has been intriguing me for a while now, and I’ve tried searching the archives, but I haven’t found this particular question addressed. Its quite wide ranging, but please bear with me. As I interpret the Philips coding system, they would all have been made in the Heerlen plant in the Netherlands, using the same design, at the end of Would they all be identical, other than the inevitable variation between individual tubes?

Certainly nowadays, Mullard and Amperex have a cachet that Philips never seems to have achieved going by NOS prices with dealers and on E-bay, etc. Are we all paying a premium for the nice Bugle-boy and Mullard badges, with no real sound difference between them and the lowly Philips? The three tubes are made ostensibly by the same parent company Philips , though there may have been some internal marketing differences.

The question is: Are there real manufacturing differences?

Deciphering European tube date codes

Philips Audio T ubes. Valvo Amperex Mullard. Logos and Labels. Understand Codes. Common Labels Label Colors. Other Tubes.

Matched Pair Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 tubes Dimpled getter – Holland Pair Amperex ECC88/6DJ8 O-Getter Heerlen Holland Same Date Strong.

Kt88 Amps 16 greyscales, x resolution or slightly less , 50kk file size These look great on my monitor. All was working OK. KT88 are not same sound getting if Maker is different. As a result, KT88’s and ‘s are produce cleaner tones and have low distortion, making it popular amongst bass amplifiers and high end audio applications. For the chassie the my choice is the HiFi mod. I then proceeded to lift the AC heater supply for the preamp tubes to a fixed voltage above ground, some 45V DC.

They have an extended top end which gives them a really good overall response. KT88 tubes Well balanced and colorful tone, ideal to play Vocals, Symphony and Classical music amplifier Four oversized power transformers with independent DC filtering circuits provide the best channel isolation performance. The amp develops a minimum of 60 watts in pentode and 30 watts in triode. At that time, I praised everything about the amp save for its excessive sweetness.

This larger output power amp. Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo’s, Sound clips. In general, the KT88 tube has a magical mid-range similar to the smaller EL34 tube, but with low and high end extremes that reach much further.

Preamp Tubes – 6922 / 6DJ8 / 7308 / PCC88

When you join the TCA you automatically get the current year’s back issues! Volume 17, Number 1 – February, Wierd Tube of the Month – The Duo-Deltatron A tube made with two filaments and control grids surrounded by a common screen grid and plate. The making of minature vacuum tubes.

Are Amperex, Mullard and Philips tubes with same manufacturing & date codes the same tube? (long!) – bonzodog – Tubes Asylum.

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Is this the rarest tube you have seen? Poll closed Oct 14, Location: Raleigh, NC. Audio Tubes. It is just possible that for some reason the Bugle Boy labels were only sold in Canada? The Holland name sandblasted into the glass is only seen on Dutch Philips or Amperex tubes coming out of Canada.

Your pictures do reinforce some facts that still tell the real thing from the fake: The fake or tubes NEVER have date codes or production codes on them. Yours does, so I will concede that you have one of the very few real Bugle Boy tubes in existence. However this is different caliber of rare even to say CCa Siemens or MiniWatt, those are just hard to find due to cost at time of production.

When I found it on Ebay and had a strong suspicion this could be a diamond in the rough ugly metallic Tektronix Sticker rating. Screen still in good shape, overall the tube itself was nearly perfect except that ugly sticker.. The sound really is beyond my Siemens CCa and my other Amperex

Amperex 12ax7 without date codes? now with pics

Hey fellas, It’s time to add some new tubes to my collection as I’ve pretty much exhausted my supply of spares. The 12AX7 was originally intended as replacement for the 6SL7 family of dual-triode amplifier tubes for audio applications. This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. In fact, neither of them is as clear as many other available choices such as any ’50s US-made 12AX7.

I’m not familiar with the voltage or bias placed onto the 12AX7 sockets of your unitbut it may be conservative.

Dating amperex tubes , Use what you have cream tube.

As the RCA manual states that the characteristics may fall in a range above or below the bogey values. Kropotkin, I just received the RCA tube in the mail, popped it into my amp, and let me say that it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. It gives my strat loads of texture when played clean, and the is sounding great, even at high volumes Super Reverb Reissue. I have many varieties of NOS ‘s they used to sell for around 5 dollars or less and I still like the Sylvania grey plate gold pin the best.

Sovtek – The Sovtek is an affordable alternative to the 12AY7 used in original Fender tweed amps and can be subbed for a 12AT7 reverb driver tube. Short of trying what you’ve bought or something else, I doubt that you will ever get more elaborate descriptions for a tube variant than this. Many tube freaks say its simply a relabeled RCA, but I own RCAs and there are subtle internal differences and rather dramatic sonic differences compared to that brand.

Unbeatable prices on thousands of guaranteed vacuum tubes for sale, vintage NOS hi-fi audio tubes, radio tubes, ham and industrial ready to ship. I have two favorites: RCA for taming harsh highs high frequencies are rounded off and GE to liven up a darker amp highs are bright and crisp. Some real sleepers, are the 2 mica RCA , the 3 mica Milispec Sylvania gray plates, and the Raytheon 3 mica black plates rectangle getter.

The ars catalog pages are for electron tube lovers world wide who repair and replace vacuum tubes and related parts for electron tube amplifiers.

6DJ8 / 6922 / 7308 & Equiv

Below is my list of pre tubes, as I currently only have hybrid tube amps, the Schiit Mjolnir 2 and the Monolith Liquid Platinum. I have not expanded much into 12AX7s yet, just two pairs to try so far. Sylvania still has more balance, more inner detail in male Cohen and female without sounding whitish.

Amperex 6EJ7 EF R.F. pentode vacuum tube. Hewlett Dating Amperex valves & boxes; Vacuum tube, thermionic valve, electron tube.

Bias, external 12V supply, fed via a diode to the ground side of the grid coil, with a 33k resistor going to ground from the same point, bypassed by a 1nF cap. New in Box. SB GI7B conversion. It will need a filament choke and bias applied from a zener or zener and transistor combo. The perf board in the lower left contains a pot for adjusting the bias and two turn pots for calibrating the grid and plate meter scales. Many users claim W output from amplifiers based on this valve.

Parts layout. Although it is a tough work, which took me an hour to complete, it looks The bias voltage for GSB is between 28…35 V.

Amperex and Emiac tubes 4-400a

For this digital tube tester, the 6DJ8 has a center value of 27 and noise floor dBV. This tube was manufactured for Amperex by Mazda. As you can see in the photos, we’re including a new box that will be labeled with the manufacturer and type. Gray Plate Silver Shield. Always checked for shorts, leaks, gas and Gm, Emissions or Plate Current where applicable.

I have many other types of tubes.

Not sure about Amperex, but Eimac used to use temperature-sensitive paint on the outside of the glass to imprint their logo, tube P/N and date.

Superb choice for hifi preamps and Guitar Amps. Lot Of C. The electrodes occupy a small space in the envelope. Fang founder of HiFiMan would use this very design for his new statement amp the EF, to mate with his statement headphones and well may be the new headphone kings , the HE’s. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Dashcam Lessons Recommended for you1 x 12″ all-tube guitar amplifier combo 3 channels include clean, crunch, and lead Power attenuator offers 18 watts, 5 watts, or 1 watt 3-way voicing control Powered by EL84 power tubes with an EC81 rectifier tube 3-way bright switch Add your favorite pedals via the effects loop Compact carbon fiber-wrapped wood enclosureItalien wir kommen.

Thanks for looking – Technical 17 Ec Free postage.


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